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i have one website too i had really good time. Games Lightmare X bro, when he couldve walked thru the door ­­ I cant believe fortnite is still playing fortnite to this day ­ Who just randomly felt the urge to watch some old school nostalgic fortnite­ Man back when Fortnite was great, shit was fun.

Good ol days. I remember this song bro I used to be addicted to Fortnite good times ­ Last time I enjoyed this game was in season 5 I remember laughing and having fun with friends and randoms the the game started to drop Im back now its chapter 3 season 1 the games not what it used to be yh sure its gotten abit more fun but no game will ever beat fortnite season 1-5 1:21 im sure weve all heard this at least once in our life Ah the good days were fortnite was actually fun I remember when I saw there names I got hyped Who else is like watching this in and remember the good OG times­­ I remember when i watched it 3 years ago Ô I remember when my pc cannot run fortnite, and vc.

i miss also shifty shafts it was my main landing spot always landing there. (I played during season 4 chapter 1) Peak fortnite and it was the most fun I had playing fortnite Tu eres hispanohablante xd te llamas Mago Electrico Epic do old graphics old builds no turbo no builder pro or sweaty edits old map everything I miss Ive killed him once, its easy to be top 60, Pan European Game Information.

Has to be my favourite One of the best peices of music made I miss trolleys and s3 s4 s5 ­­­ I dont like the agency I just get killed by 10 Yr olda look at the views this was just a song to play when your with your mates Nikola I agree with you about everything except when u said calling my boys listening to this song Nice I love dis stuff fornite fornite lets go I wanna go back to old times where fortnite raged more and funnier but now hes just like say you suck and i miss when there were no pros and just all noobs Aint no one listen to this song above the age of 10 Your comments older than the current fortnite community We referd to them as soccer skins not sweats The Fortnite kids today were newborns when Angry Birds was a thing I used to didnt even have an iPad to play now I have a ps4 It literally shows fortnite dancing on someone with the L emote Now you got 6 year olds who can make a 5 star hotel with free lobster in 34 milliseconds.

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