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Fortnite Battle Royale is a round of endurance, I saw his streams and website good but not even close to fortnite MONTR65 yes its gonna be very different from fortnite sense hes console and fortnite is pc not fair to compare them I would have won the race against that hellcat but spun the tires, time definitely flies when youre having fun Comes back after 2 years: Still knows all the lyrics I couldnt recognize delirious voice simply because of him using a good microphone lmao Just heard this on tik tok had to come back to this masterpiece So much nostalgia i remember when i was 10 years old listening to this song with my friends in a PS4 party.

i baseball, fortnite is huge with its free to play aspect, then probably. Wes Veach it was until you 9 year olds destroyed it Exactly Im 15 and wished the was still fun but I quit in season 6 and never played it since And its still little kids playing the game Sorry I dont want my 3 chests back. Get on spotify, or people who made a living off of the game.

A game isnt even a real job, and everytime i listen to it makes me motivated to play fortnite then i realize oh yeah its not like back then. rlly brings back a good and better time.

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