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I remember when this game use to be good I listened to this all the time when it was new Love those daysvery difficult to understand what problem you are having.

Keep going with the music NerdOut. Fabvls verse any other verse in this song He sounds souless and he rhymes time twice Always quoted the ‚honesty your trash dude‚ since I was the best out of the friend group He rhymed the same word twice, his flow was pretty fire in this too and I believe only h20 and ceez wrote their own lyrics It is your life Yeet Love that bitū Its funny how these virgins make more money than your average minimum wage Yup thats me and we have you the guy who always has to hate on people who like a game thats making tons of money and the people who are playing it are making tons of money bottom line, season 8s beginning was the peak man.

1 star apartment Bro this song was a banger back then it still is Ultranium Sweaty players still existed but they just werent as good and were considered sweaty at the time because they were way above the average player skill. I am so surprised that h2 can even rap Just remembered about this song after 3 years.

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