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First thirty seconds: SypherPk playing fortnite with him I pray that everyone who sees this becomes successful in life Get a ticket here Ô within a hourÔ ticket here Why does fortnite look like hes been on coke for the past 3 years Who ever is reading this God bless you and your family.

The toxic kids ruined the whole game fortnite is gay I know him from my home town !. Silencer on the pistol, there are many Broooo i miss when fortnite used to constantly go for the best Dont know why this is in my recommended. he even had a 30k donation from mrbeast6000 in one stream session. (I only remember these parts 0:00-1:00) I just saw this on my recommendations and it gave me so many memories I cried when this came out now Im curing into a ball and sobbing Man I miss back in season 2 and 4 of chapter 1 we would be vibing to this while playing the game but I prefer today anyways Man remember after summer camp I used to get on and play with the boys memories ­ This brings me back­ Rest in pieces fortnite You gave us laughs BUT BURN Cool is an incorrect word to describe those kids Bro wtf thats so fuvking true me and my friends at martial art class during summer break in all sang this over and over again and the bus driver played it for us lmao Back when this game was actually fun Just some nostalgia of muchhh better times­ No way this was 3 years, its mostly preference.

If it wasnt for season 7, scars are still good I remember my first time getting a scar Today when my friend got 3 scars in the same game ­ Same my teammate killed me the second It appeared in my hot bar though I heard it like 2 years and 6 months ago Yep. If a PS player is willing to subscribe to PS Plug of PS4, ban every good player.

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