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I just get annoyed when people blame everything on players and nothing on themselves. Only 90s kids will remember the shotgun snipers Edit: thanks for the likes also I know I coped but the subject is different Edit: agian I was was from season 1 haters Memories bro Now Its Big EgosIm wet, plz make song about DOTA 2 and loved this website Halocene AngelMelly fortnite H2O Delirious NerdOut.

Well thats what I encounter at least, i remember being just a kid at that time now i got a full fam like how ;-; This game play would be dope if he wouldnt use the RPG but used his other weapons I miss the old fortnite, because your really are getting people out their just like you.

i miss the days where he ran website :. For you to say that fortnite was never a good game blows my mind even tho it gets lots of views you saying it wasnt a good game like in your opinion thats fine but everything else im saying no Children are also the most easily influenced people on this planet.

Everyone should be happy by then? I can only build walls whenever there is someone shooting at me LOL CHRIS BOONE you serious ha ha ha ha aha ha Cocoa beans wtf underrated comment LMAO hahah I dont i have had this game since like it was out Yeah port a fort is quite useful but rare, i dont think i will ever enjoy gaming that much ever again This were the times when Fortnite was fun to play Malicious Cheese he was famous before playing other games Paolo it all depends on what we would consider famous Ok paolo we all consider famous the same and fortnite was barely known back then Maybe do something to your name kid.

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