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The timing of weapon swapping is faster as compared to the pump animation. Miss those season 1-7 days, have 41 solo wins. Frosted Cryo yeah delirious the best Frosted Cryo fasted like on a comment lol Not rlly I like him but his part wasnt that good I remember when this song came out id be getting 20 25 ish kill games i would have this song blasting singing it was the best AkaPrestonz THATS INSANE!!!!. its kind of sad to realize how bad this game has becomeš 16:45 We just going to ignore how fortnite actually ducked when he almost got sniped I remember coming home from school and going on twitch or website to see his new vids Wish we could turn back time, not getting absolutely destroyed by ttv tryhards who spend their whole day on the game, building skills.

now its something i hate and want to get over with. Tbh, everyone wanted more and then when they got more they got sad of nostalgia, you click on the three circles in the top right corner of your screen. Even some of his friends say he sounds different.

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