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Who else loves the sound of the shield potions Wow, and you hear it from someone who spent 10 years on a console and only 2 on a computer. So nothing would change. not a game for me ,it was like a happy chapter of my life and I will never forget this game no matter how bad it gets Im planning on playing this game again tomorrow‚ its been a such a long time old friend and Im hopefully gone make a website on it and as futile as it may be revive some of what we have lost When i see this on : ok.

If you click sprint, but it is nice on the playback speed Joooshua 21 that doesnt stop sweats from going into regular games Yea. If someone took out a team with this aim assist then they could of easily taken him out aswell with this aim assist that you talk about. Does anyone just come back to this song for 1 its a masterpiece and also for all the nostalgia Idk boredlord your crazy if you think so Baseballboi22 you commented it a week ago tho I miss it I used to be on it all dey but it is not the same as it was.

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