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Fortnite Pro11 Lamest Fortnite joke ever I think he said on stream that he isnt interested in Halo at all right now Darth boner its actually a good game imo. sooner you accept it the better Geeting a dub with them in the morning while your family asleep hit different Casually enjoying the older content 3 Algum brasileiro aqui em que lembra dessa ├poca!!

Sheridan KittleIII honestly Minecraft didnt changed a fucking thing. Damn we all came a long way ­­ Back when it wasnt only 8 year olds playing this game Fortnite is still fun people just force themselves to hate it to seem cool. Times was so much simple back then. yeah, they talk about his bars ­­ God damn the boy got so many talents Hobeh TV he says on twitch that hes trash at singin low key love his vocal cords Hobeh TV he had a ghost writer most of them did I think only ceez and h20 wrote their own lyrics Cesar Zawahri finally someone who understands!!, I loved watching these.

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