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Then again now the striker pump does 30 damage everyones upset? High distortion. It looked so different and strange When I first saw this website I was 13years old, 0. I hear Tilted oft because me and the boys taking about the OG time No offense but didnt dusty return in season 10 Bruh i remember when i killed a Guy when i was in Bush i even have It clipped  Rykzuu I was so hyped when I won my first Victory Royale,now its like meh.

Hes been gone for a while living in florida for a bit but now hes back and Im ready to sit behind his back and watch him play ManTV99 Studios I only have 1 win xD Lol i am same but i got 1 squad win Tpask162 haha same, or asks them for individual data!

Owen O Malley halocene was trash because shes female ofc Owen O Malley lool we got the same top 3 Waj tbh mate she is probably better than youll ever be Owen O Malley i cant agree but atlest Delirious is top 3 II mark weldon II cba means cant be arsed Fds lsr cdn imw rig lpn kill me plsss CDN was the best they should have saved him for last because best for last Owen O Malley cdn was trash his yeet is cringe af Im reporting him for dancing on a downed player lmao Jungkookie 11 year old fortnite fan boy love ittttt Uhhhhh im gonna need a caculator or find on internet Im 12 years old.

Also, i remember being just a kid at that time now i got a full fam like how ;-; This game play would be dope if he wouldnt use the RPG but used his other weapons I miss the old fortnite.

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