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Good days heh might have killed you if you play Xbox! So uncivilized. Sheridan KittleIII honestly Minecraft didnt changed a fucking thing. Btw, when he was called ‚ fortniteHyper‚ I like how at the beginning of this website he said im dead This was the time when fortnite was a playable and fun game, just the new changes and bad map layout has made it unplayable for br For a mc that Game is trash with that game,call of duty and pubg people forgot the real battle royale and that is mc hunger games I miss the times when people werent sweating The guy didnt even need to build to get kills Now everyone fucking builds and edits.

You just liked it because it was new and captivating, it was the coolest thing at the time haha. i still remember the day it came out wednesday I wish that could know when you were in the good old days before you actually left them - Andy Bernard I think that fortnite is the best Fortnite player in the world as of today yall in my book My guy just got roasted for donating 5 infront of 45 million people Anyone know that the game ended before the rocket hit, but now people are mad.

DerpBoi568 Aged like my grandmothers ashes SS - 04VN - Fernforest PS (1414) U know right.

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