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I get shot once and my character dies faster than my brain can register? Aggelos Papadimitriou I have all three two with fortnite Every console is good it doesnt matter on what you play if youre with friends i had a ps3 and xbox 360 now i have a xbox one and a ps4 lmao It must grasp the elements from the great man who ponders our benevolent universe whos creations propel our society to join in in a meditational match of our savior FORTNITE Jay B The best thing to do when you see someone building like that is to not panic and keep a clear head about what you need to do?

LnG Tyler nvm I see what you saying skill wise dark SupremeSINCE07 your fifa website are cringe fortnite cause of the shots at the and When you repeat the whole song,lol!. Tilted R. Man do I miss this time period of fortnite, its just more competitive then it was when it first came out and of course the game changed and people got better at the game Bro its not about the people its about EVERYTHING.

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