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Season 7: why is there a f plane above me. Now its the worst kind of cancer and the worst game ever B i wanna see how much he got in an hour compared to now 61k views in 12 hours ;-; C: and I will never get it back but i will have things to remind me D: looking for Fortnite Content on fortnite channel C: Because im fucking missing these times so much, good times I WILL CHOOSE TO NOT REBOOT MY FAMILY FOR fortnite Everything is so boring how to time travel их х (FORTNITE!) их х (FORTNITE!) их х (FORTNITE!) их х (FORTNITE!) их х (FORTNITE!) их х (FORTNITE!) их х Literally when was the ar vaulted in any way.

I miss OG fortnite so much man I really miss these days when the game got released and how simple the game was and how classic the map was I miss the times when about 4 years ago my 10 year old self would call u the greatest fortnite player. Greetings from Spain. Im now in grade 12 today POV your watching this in and feel nostalgic.

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