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If u dont get it go to pewdiepie latest pew news Hi fortnite my from sudia I love you - I love fortnite he is one of the most ranked fortnite players in the world thumbs up if you agree with me Every thing in my house let me see you speaking Arabic Guys Hi is say Hi fortnite im From Saudi Arabia I love u Diablo 88120 se serait bien les sous titres Ramzito oui javoue que je dit pas non au sous titre Nerlet Music grave sa serai grave bien Mauro Cossiga faze palm vous a dit fermez votre gueule apprenez langlais (( 100-() fortnite- Slade-siabot Slade-siabot To be stupid Slade-siabot Slade-siabot Come on, so you result to name calling.

The things you should remember. I want epic to care like they once didyou stole this comment lol Lets be honest you stole this comment for the 493483970 time :) Stop stealing comments and I didnt even search it it came up im my recommendation, underated players like bugha, or at least me, now everyone is just staying home and playing playground 247 to be better and dance on you, they talk about his bars God damn the boy got so many talents Hobeh TV he says on twitch that hes trash at singin low key love his vocal cords Hobeh TV he had a ghost writer most of them did I think only ceez and h20 wrote their own lyrics Cesar Zawahri finally someone who understands!!, the hype is over The good old days No sweats Just have fun Dont need to train in creative to survive sweats and become what you hate Defaults A little bit of toxic people No 9 year olds Old map Legendary memories Everyone loved the game but the community broke the game, thats what puts people off it.

no his lyrics were bad. Hes been gone for a while living in florida for a bit but now hes back and Im ready to sit behind his back and watch him play ManTV99 Studios I only have 1 win xD Lol i am same but i got 1 squad win Tpask162 haha same, that game was shit and still is shit.

I Hit Clipz did you know h20 delirious has more subcribers than anyone in tha rap and hes a famouse youtber ( im a bad speller) Abraham Carmina really man my name is abraham because of you i hate my name now Theogene Baraka who said no nobady hes the most savage with that Bush too I Hit Clipz no he isnt just cause he probably left you crying to haha H20 was good but my favorite was haloce RezzProductions actully his microphone is the best part of his website cause onetime he change the microphone and a lot of people where saying that they want the other microphone back?

Even when I win, the 7.

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