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Halocene Grimm Tv so true, even though I couldnt play. Cdn still takes the cake tho Not fabvl it was repeated to many times and he wasnt an actual rapper he did the chorus Hurja Jamppawww Youre cringe?

The pump was not just a sniper was a fucking rpg Now its like ‚15 HEADSHOT ARE U OUTTA UR MiiiiiiiiiiiND‚ When season 3 came out the game got ruined it was so good before it Gabriel Brogdon the pump wasnt a sniper it was what it should be not some piece of shit it is now It was and it was so much better.

As for how fortnite responded I dont really see an issue with it. Time really does fly. It hits so different now. Sorry for spelling mistakes if theres any I was in grade 7 when this website came out‚ Who else is watching a black hole screen Thank god mechs helis or boats arent here yet Godzilla_GTR no i to jest prawdziwy polak xd Well yeah because this was back then RIC4RD0 B√TINHA√MITO brinks sou br tbm RIC4RD0 B√TINHA√MITO n√o e s√ vc Keenlion3 really bro dont be disrespectfull Keenlion3 unless he has 1 million plus kills I dont think so little guy TuWilDeRee RaP que primera vez en mi vida que te veo eso creo :v TuWilDeRee RaP si we eres el √nico :v JJjajajjajaj juega bien chiddoooooris lol Vete a ver A lolito que haces en este canal xd TuWilDeRee RaP quien sabe la canci√n de las donaciones de fortnite Didnt know rape was alowed on website This really makes me think would fortnite be ranked as high if it wernt for the shitty players he came against then i mean to me so much seemed wrong about his decision making here.

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