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season 2, FoRTnitE lEts gO His lines were so bad lol Riley Williams tbh its just personal opinion, prime fortnite was season 3 statistically and well probably never see something like that again Last season was ok, the viewage. There is a 33 percent chance you would be killed by him in that match Ok then 83 players at the start take away fortnite himself is 82 meaning theres a 3282 chance you would be killed by fortnite this game aka 39 Yes, and I still know the lyrics.

Get Tim back in on this. Love you forever OGS . QuaranTeen its such a dead game tbh and yea true mainly kids target audience Tf it was 2 years you must be very young if thats the good old times VOiD lol Im 13 I just miss when fn was good Yeah I stopped playing that game ages ago also 13 is still young imo You need to understand good memories DOESNT mean it has to be a decade old I dont talk to people with your pfp sorry Probably a 9 year old who started chapter 2 With your pfp, and whos official lore is shes IO attempting to infiltrate the Seven), season 1-4 were the best season fr ILikeFortnit e ur name is ILikeFortnite u clown Duck that shit, Ive seen Minecraft players send death threats and be homophobic.

now every website family is on the verge of divorce over it I dead ass wanna cry rn. I wish i played this season more hours and i wish i knew what i was doing not just running and farming trees and shooting and wow man i wish i could go back Back to the days when fortnite was considered as worlds best Fortnite player.

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