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getting all the nostalgia tingles Lmao I remember when this song came out? Lack of skills and Microtransaction has also made the game not very consistent with the players The game is popular because itÔs free and tends to the kids and other large audiences casual taste but lacks all the features to make it a good game.

yeah. Remind them never to give out private data on the web, did research and called themselves OGs Savage Gamer Boyz I dont play on Xbox Yep I miss smoke grenades and the Tommie gun Yep actually season 1 with og skully I played when there was only solos­ 5am season 2 aint og gtfo season 1 is where its at tho Started mid s1 round recon expert came back for the last time in season 1 I was able to cop that then all ch1 battlepasses but I remember no toxicity where people didnt take the game seriously you know I miss those times Its insane how different this game has become.

RIP OG GUNS AND LOCATIONS I have a chapter 1 season 3 account does that count When wholesome chungus is sus andor a convicted felon Im 100 older than you and also play fortnite br day one. U know fortnite will die in a year or 2 Yeah right, ­­ The time when we thought there was no way this game would ever die or even become trash it was too godly its so sad the epic ruined their legendary game, quiet now.

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