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His building in this looks like mine currently lol OMG fortnite UR CRAZY HOLY SMOKES OMG Its wierd to know the average player today could destroy fortnite here The fact I was rlly good at this is triggering cos now I only get maybe 1 kill a game Am i the only one who watching this in quarantine Holy shit.

1k likes wtf Im scared Bro i fuckin heard this song in a website and i couldnt remember where it was from Its crazy Ive known all the lyrics to this song for 3 years And its so cringe i can die fortnite is so over Same Im waitching it for last years nostalgia Lol me too Im just rewatching the legendary moments Trendy rug Im watching it cause of dks tweet I remember playing this in class when the teacher walked out Joined season 2.

especially building but to get to fortnite level is something else ApostleSLAYER its not. Ive missed fortnites FortNite content, theres always that one fan base that likes to make this shit Rap battle to lololololololololololol 1st is better i only like timthetatman in the 2nd I like Rap Battle 1 more but I think that Rap Battle 2 has the better beat.

whenever i see these website i get kinda sad cause i wished i had tried to learn a bit more of the game back then and get good at it. But i still like it?

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