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by season 5 everyone was cranking 90s And also no turbo building and old map and old graphic Not everyone beasuse only like 45 was try hards but yeah people was good at season 5 Yea that true. Love ya dude thanks im a addicent 18 year guy from switerland i hate my life but people like you make me smile thanks you bro You deserve so much HealthLuckLove take care man stay like you are greetings from Z├rich wish You only the best­­.

Alxander Spetz lmao, when i saw this again the memories came flowing back Im here 4 years later and this is still a masterpiece. Well if you care so much about TOS go report those big websiters that fake their vids. There is no ammo for the scar Mr Cookie They placed it there for the vid.

Lit The most infamous Fortnite website website ever.

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