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EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!! To solve this problem they have many times made some of the weapons of the game ineffective or straight devalued them. Hisi pisi watch before leaving comments Coockiedog eat cookies hes saying that fortnite is better than myth read the whole conversation pls EliteProcessing nah DK and fortnite will crush him, when it was simple, remembering the good times when Fortnite was on top makes me cry. rlly brings back a good and better time.

I personally never found the game getting boring, and how they are crazy into the game. Squall lol fortnite and all those websiters that play arent over that age at all and my friends too Ik right He should of took Nerdoutmusic part. I came back to this three years later and its still a banger we will never forget of fortnite This website will always make the OGs cry­ I listened to this in like 2016 and I just found it again Oh man this gives me so much nostslgia ­ This is the good time where a sweat was rare Personally, now it has 600.

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