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I just left and joined another. Just too let all you know season 5 is the best. I remember listening to this every time I 1v1 my friends back in Tilted I wish fortnite code be like this again or at least bring back the old map as an Optional Damn, everyone is a sweat its frustrating and the game itself is boring This is old and still turbo building wasnt enabled Yeah same miss playing back in season 1 and 2 Sanjay Ernest I miss this soooo much The old fortnite was fucking way better.

Edit: Thanks for all the likes. bringing back parts of the old map and skins will build up and bring more and more streamers back! Bursts also do a lot more headshot damage Weaver Clan the green pump (which is now the blue pump) does wayyy more damage than the purple tac (which is now a blue tac) Whenever i hear this it reminds me of old fortnite OMG DUDE I LOVED THAT WHEN I TO WATCH HIM Jajaja me imagino que tu eres noob al lado de el :v Does anyone else feel like we canceled fortnite a little too early, the game is still pretty much alive and will probably last til the ends of the twentys!

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