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You can convert different short guns such as pump shotgun to the revolver and pump shotgun into the tactical shotgun. Didnt reply and they were in creative for 3 frekin hours It was added in season 3. and now he is a sweat :) I play on pc and theres a difference from a weeaboo and someone who just watches anime Havent played since Ch2 s3 and ch2 s2 those were the days where fortnite was best for me Bruh you reminded me about the hacker Bob the builder in s1 or 2 I dont remember but I would rather die by that hacker than any other sweat And u ruined the game whoop whoop yeah well rune the game for us how fun,delete fornite and that will be one less sweat.

Ellis Swint bro I admit fortnite is better but myth and fortnite are close just due to myths incredible building skills, this song was released in season 3. a noob isnt a intelligent person who dont buy useless shi in cringe games. Hope Newman New guy in fortnite Hope Newman look at the time it was made Hope Newman yes it is he was playing in season 2 Chill Vids no they are both better in different ways Chill Vids myth is better at building and fortnite is better at killing You just know American players, y se cayo el puto intwrnet TT_TT El mio es de 8 y eso que tuve suerte.

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