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I think thats what they tried to do with the summer royale and whatever its called Captain Scarf it is fun if you actually appreciate it Sweats would still ruin it for everyone Captain Scarf Because theres no way you can keep out sweaty players. He is trying to get a lot of kills so in order to do that he needs to be able to kill ppl from long distances Both of you are wrong, time flies.

I sometimes wish we could return to the good ol days. H20 delirious, really helps me out when im having bad days, so I get some nostalgia Still such a sick song reminds me of the good days Omg , now its just a marvels game basically lol I was in 7 grade as well. I agree, just simply saying everyone just seems like the ur trosh cliche kid nowadays I love that you used the word infarction hahaha Mate the same.

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