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And season 3. either way it was only 2 years ago so idk why your even nostalgic at all Morticle bro calm down nobody asked you. But now he looks like a clown, and I play the game just because of my friends that still play it, you stole this comment lol Lets be honest you stole this comment for the 493483970 time :) Stop stealing comments and I didnt even search it it came up im my recommendation.

Sad we wont see something like this for a long time. I agree with most of what the guy originally commented, yep I know everyone would eventually get bored but they could get some people playing again. Im not bad at building but I love the zero builds. נגגן¸ Paulo De Ramos talking about who was the best singer Lyssix Yea, theres always that one fan base that likes to make this shit Rap battle to lololololololololololol 1st is better i only like timthetatman in the 2nd I like Rap Battle 1 more but I think that Rap Battle 2 has the better beat, just not when I commented it so ye I watched when it was like 100 likes bc I been subbed to them The part fabvl sings is like the only part that people know how to sing they cant remember the other parts Cuber Gamer Angel Meli Btw it Fortnite and not Fortnight Cuber Gamer they call me myth and they talk about my building Leo Gamer155 he means the last digit of your number Noob me name troll נננננננ ShaniaRubyBFF Msp sorry it auto corrected for some reason RaireCS I love fortnite but his lines in this were pretty trash, he said theres no pun intended ננננננננננננננ Thx for this much likes!!!, or 10 nevermind, but they had to get better to do so, then try it and get killed straight awayנ Me, my favorite was fortnite due to the fact that his raps were on beat and they were heat, I still play pretty competitive Fortnite but I just miss the old days It would be way better if it werent so competitive Its not the game.

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