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Make a name you can call your own, I remember in school if you could sing all the lyrics to this song you would be the coolest in school. The old seasons were better cause everyone was a noob. נ the graphics around these time made fortnite Respect to the people that still listen to this song Delirious was also really good and I cant forget about ceez fortnite was by far the best rapper and could honestly solo any human being hes so elite and top teir please have my babies Who thinks this is so much better then the second one Cdnthe3rd: 0:00 Dakotaz: 0:50 FABVL: 1:11 NerdOutMusic: 1:31 HaloCene: 1:51 H20 Delirious: 2:12 FABVL: 2:32 This came out when I was in 4th grade and I was either listening to Ransom or this lmao We can finally build sky-bases again!

Yeah because the website is nostalgic and the music itself is good. But it also hurts me to see people putting no kids, ur acting like nobody else can say it KoD SniiPeZ and I dont understand how its wrong thats what humans do we learn from other cultures and put it in our lives if we like it V-Godly Britains נננננ Back then.

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