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Flxme not referring to you, Sharks, we all were waiting for fortnite This song still good even if it came out long ago I miss the old days i wish we could go back Cant believe its been 3 years time goes to fast The sweats these days have never even heard this masterpiece I remember when the game was more chill? MARCELXP1000 I knew that wasnt what you were talking about just wanted to see if you knew what you were saying because it made no sense MARCELXP1000 wow best roast ever נננ 10 years is you XDDD why you comment and why you are here xDDDDD ALEX why do you only have 15 subs but cant get a view Proud Merican all dislikers play that dead game called pubg I dont play pubg or battle royale at all.

Myth was the best builder, its so sad the max damage shotgun these days cant even one shot unless you charge it Did the grey pump actually do 220 headshot(insane) When you could carry more than 13 rocket ammo.

Seth That game is for 9 yr olds anyway. its an ass game ngl i bet hes from season 5. Now theres his kids. Wow, sounds, I cant even get a single kill.

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