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2 is lit I was about to say that, the good days of fortnite where I would sit in class watching fortnite on twitch. and I never will! Best to worst 1: Season 2 2: Season 7 (may change as its still going on) 3: Season 3 4: Season 6 5: Season 4 6: Season 5 7: Season 1 fortnite gets scar its game time I get scar a default or bush one pumps me How did I just sing that word for word Its been 4years since this came out joly sheet Havent heard in years remember every word Anyone wanna hop on after watching this almost 4yrs later Season 5 has a lot of default hackers an no Im no salty The last septic prob cuz ppl are trolling others Yea like a secret skilled player a second fortnite The best era in my life before things goes downhill I like how it shows how theyre all completely different players The thing is I still remember Ceezs full part and its so nostalgic?

Non Non Non CDN is the joker NerdOut. Cant such a great game turned into what it is now. but just not impressed with the rocket kills is all lol Quien dir├a que esto alg├n d├a se acabar├a, princess,prince,God of fortnite Everything, I mean with the amount of fortnite he plays hes bound to get lucky.

Ive been wanting a shotty with a slug with decent range and damage since FOREVER­ Saw this on stream, either one of my friends or I would play with them.

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