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And a lot of times when my team says that the enemies are sweats, when fortnite was the best, he probably has a gaming pc worth a couple grand Probably has a 1080TI graphics card, soy de MexicoП нннннно н═нннононо н он онноонон нно н╦н оноо 3-4 kills ннн н╦н оноо П нно 17 ноо ононн он онн онннн I cant even get 10 kills lol in fuckin garbage but i love this game Panagiotis Skolarikos why do you random Russian speakers reply to a English comment I average like 6 lmao, eww I hate this game I also do in my opinion epic games have destroyed the game I believe ALL the OGs do mate.

Great work. Season 0-7 was amazing. 00000000000000000000000000000001 sec I hate it when they instantly build even if I miss REXY PLAYZ so you guys are saying that if someone gets shot they should just stand there and not build cover.

AND WE ALL KNOW WHO THE WINNER IS. Toxic sweats: let me take over that job for you.

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