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Fortnite bad Minecraft good. I know this whole thing off by heart because of my brother Its 21:17 and i flopped my self I remember when dabbing used to be cool. dont bully me XDD Be honest its not your first time watching this website If you see this on July youre a legend Fortnite Beta and the first 3 seasons were the best I like old fortnite but not new seasons Please use proper sentence structure.

Zachary Bastien all of those things you said are pure FACTSSSSSSSS Don so your saying that season 9 was amazing lol smh Lol I play since season 1 and im still a noob Who cares about the old fortnite i like chapter 2 its a hole new world XerxesVeil more like only two days ago kids lol Only 80s kids remember: Moisty Mire and Prison.

Easy game gg Yeah and when they couldnt literally destroy a whole base in one shot Dang top comment tho. was.

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