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Nadi Astrology - Know your Nadi/Palm Leaf

Nadi Astrology and the Palm Leaf Prophecies Online Agasthya Nadi Astrology

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Features of Nadi Astrology

  • Unlock your Destiny
  • Helps you to rebuild the Education, Career, Family, Relationships, Health & Business
  • Helps you to Overcome Debts, Diseases, Legal Issues, Litigations and Sufferings
  • Understand Past Birth Details and get Insights about Next Birth or Moksha Secrets
  • Find answers to the most urging questions in your life
  • Understand who you are and the purpose of your birth
  • Remedies to Overcome Sufferings in Life


1. Search your leaf

The part of Nadi astrology which require utmost patience as the process in itself is intense.

The process starts with your thumb impression, which is used to predict your destiny. Thumb impression varies from person to person and the Nadi readers have a specific way to decode and classify them. For a female, they use a left hand thumb impression and for a male, they use the right hand thumb impression. For each thumb impression, bundles of Nadi leaves. Once the bundles are identified the process extents to the next phase. This phase is called “Finding your Index Leaf”

As said, Nadi is Divine calling. Time plays a critical role of the seeker. There are times that even a person unable to find his/her after reading 8-10 bundles. If your leaf is not found, you could allow us a maximum of 3-4 weeks of time to arrange more reading for you at the same cost paid. We will be able to locate bundles in the central library and be transported to our place at the earliest.

The Process of finding the Index leaf requires at most cooperation and patience from the seeker. If we are still unable to find your leaf after 10 bundles, we refund the amount paid in total.

2. Identify your Index leaf

This process is done on Skype video call only. 

One bundle consists of 100-200 leaves, where a single leaf consists of 15-20 poetic lines. The Nadi reader starts to read the first line which his eye catches on the leaf and asks the question. The answer from seeker should be a “Yes” or a “No” or “do not know”, so that he passes on to the next line or the next leaf. This requires complete cooperation from the seeker since the process might take from 15 minutes to 4 hours. There comes a leaf with your name, your parent’s name, the number of siblings, your spouse name, profession and much more.

Surprised?! Yes, it is a Divine feeling to know that your life is foreseen by Rishis thousands of years of ago and you according to your Karma has come at the said age and purpose of the Nadi.

Click Here to know sample questions.

3. Transcription of the leaves Once your Index leaf is identified, we proceed to the other chapters which represent the different aspects of your life. Click Here to know details about the chapters.

4. Translation (Skype/ In-person)

All the information are written in ancient poetic forms, the Nadi Reader will decode in normal Tamil Language, which will be translated by a translator in English. You will have a translator in any mode of reading. (Skype/In person).

Since all the Nadi Leaves are written in ancient Tamil, it will be decoded and translated by the translator. Refer below for more details.




Tamil Months

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