The palm leaf manuscripts are divided into 14 chapter’s or Kandams or Canto’s where they give you detailed aspects of an individual’s family, marriage, profession, wealth, the relationship between siblings and much more. Each chapter is described in detail below.

Canto 1: General Readings

General predictions regarding various aspects in a man’s life like fame, honor, comforts, kinds of fortunes bestowed on him in various stages of life.

Canto 2: Education & Wealth

This chapter gives insight about Money, Eyes, Family, Education and Speech.

Canto 3: Brothers and Sisters

This chapter provides information about the positive and negative aspects of the relationship within siblings.

Canto 4: Maternal Pleasure

This chapter gives prediction about the Nadi seekers Mother, the role of mother in his/her life. Also, it gives details about House, Vehicles, Land, Treasures and other material comforts.

Canto 5: Progeny/ Children

This chapter gives predictions about the Nadi seekers children, their birth, lifespan, problems, achievements and reasons for not having children and remedial measures for having children.

Canto 6: Enemies and Diseases

This chapter gives predictions about the diseases one could acquire during their life time, their causes, duration and the remedial measures to overcome it. This chapter also gives information about their enemies, litigation, imprisonments, their causes and suffering. It also suggests remedial measures to avoid and overcome such happenings by achieving success.

Canto 7: Matrimony

This chapter gives predictions about the state of one’s married life, future spouse’s life history predictions of certain aspects of the future spouse, causes for delay in marriage, etc.

Canto 8: Life span

This chapter gives predictions about accidents, nature of occurrence of death, life span, accidents about the Nadi seeker.

Canto 9: Paternal pleasure & Spirituality

This chapter gives predictions about the Nadi seekers ancestral property, acquiring wealth, about their father. It also gives us insights about the Nadi seekers spiritual inclination if any.

Canto 10: Career- Job/ Business

This chapter gives predictions about the Nadi seekers Career- job or  business life, what type of business is suitable or which type of business will fetch in more profits or about one’s job and its potential, whichever is applicable in one’s carer will be discussed more in depth.

Canto 11: Profits and Second marriage

This chapter gives predictions about the Nadi seekers profits, luck if any, benefits through conveyance etc. It also gives predictions about their second marriage and life course.

Canto 12: Foreign connections, Expenditure & Next birth

This chapter gives predictions about the Nadi seekers foreign visits, various expenses and details about next birth or if this birth attains salvation.

Canto 13: Previous Birth and its remedies (Shanthi Parihara kandam)

This chapter gives predictions about one’s birth, sins committed, good deeds done in the previous births, miseries one experiences in the present birth because of the evil deeds that he had committed in the past birth, holy remedial measures prescribed to remove the miseries in one’s life.

Canto 14: Deeksha chapter

This chapter gives predictions about methods or modes prescribed to chant the mantra (Sacred formula for the invocation of the Deity) to attain spiritual power, the amulets to be worn for protection from enemies and jealousy sources.

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