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Sample Statements:

  1. Does your father name represent Lord Shiva’s name?
  2. Can your name be split into two parts?
  3. Do you have two kids at present?
  4. Was any of your sibling divorced?
  5. Are you planning to make take up any higher studies?
  6. Is your profession related to brokerage?
  7. Are you under any legal proceedings?
  8. Does your name end with Vallinam (Valliam is a phonetic in Tamil language)?

Do’s & Dont’s


  • Answer “Yes” or “No”
  • If you have a doubt, say “Do not know”
  • Concentrate on questions the Nadi reader or the Translator asks.


  • Do not get hyperactive
  • Do not give direct answers
  • Do not give half answers. For ex: Your Name may be “Manoj Kumar”, but the Reader might just ask if your name is “Kumar”. Now there arises confusion, you should ask the Reader to ask the next question but out of excitement do not say, my name is Manoj Kumar.