Divine Royalty Finance Rituals (1 month)

$ 900.00

Divine Royalty Finance Rituals performed for 1 month. All the rituals will be performed on your Birth star of the Month.

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  • Experienced Vedic Priests
  • LIVE telecast of Homa’s
  • All Vedic Rituals are done for an Individual and not in a Group
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  • Sowbagya Lakshmi Kubera Homa/Yagna, a Homa performed to Lord Lakshmi Kubera.
  • Maha Lakshmi Pooja, a pooja performed to Goddess Lakshmi to be blessed with immense wealth.
  • Sambal Suktha Pushpanjali, a Pooja to get all wealth and prosperity.
  • Kubera Lakshmi Ganapathi Pooja, a ritual performed to increase wealth and break obstacles one faces related to finances.
  • Ksethra Suktha Pushpanjali, a Pooja performed to Lord Vishnu to improve financial stability.
  • Bagya Suktha Pushpanjali, a Pooja performed to Goddess Parvathi for immense blessings and peace of mind.
  • Swarna Lakshmi Pooja, a ritual performed to Goddess Lakshmi to increase financial status.
  • Akarshana Bairava Pooja, a ritual performed to Lord Shiva, to attract wealth and richness.
  • Dhana Kalaba Abishegam, a ritual performed using Conch.
  • 1 Tantric Vastra Dhan, an offering made to one Priest.
  • Bagya muttu, Karma muttu, Dhana muttu, a ritual performed by smashing coconuts to get rid of financial obstacles.
  • Two ghee lamp lighting.
  • Complimentary Yantra: Sowbhagya Yantra.

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