Canto 13 (Shanthi Remedies) + Canto 14 (Deeksha Remedies)

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Canto 13 (Remedies) + Canto 14 (Mantra Initiation)



Canto 13: Previous Birth and its remedies (Shanthi Parihara kandam)

This chapter gives predictions about one’s birth, sins committed, good deeds done in the previous births, miseries one experiences in the present birth because of the evil deeds that he had committed in the past birth, holy remedial measures prescribed to remove the miseries in one’s life.

Canto 14: Deeksha chapter

This chapter gives predictions about methods or modes prescribed to chant the mantra (Sacred formula for the invocation of the Deity) to attain spiritual power, the amulets to be worn for protection from enemies and jealousy sources.