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Rudra is the oldest form of Lord Shiva, according to Rig Veda. Rudrabhishek is the divine anointment offered to the Linga form of Lord Shiva. Devotees offer Panch Amrit (five elixirs of life), namely milk, curd, honey, ghee, and sugar, to Lord Shiva during the holy process of Rudrabhishek. This sacred ritual is performed to please Lord Shiva and his mighty Lord Rudra form. 

Adherents of Lord Shiva perform this ritual in order to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. Rudrabhishek can help devotees of Lord Shiva to eliminate several difficulties in their lives. Offering five panaceas along with Ganga Jal to Lord Shiva and chanting Rudra mantras can help devotees to purify their minds and souls.  

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Benefits of Rudrabhishek

  1. To get the blessings and graces of Lord Shiva
  2. To reduce and eliminate the malefic effects of Navagraha positions
  3. Thrive in business, career, education, and personal life
  4. Deliverance from harmful effects of past life sins
  5. Protects from evil eye and effects of black magic

 Who can perform Rudrabhishek?

  1. Anyone facing obstacles in their career, education, startup, etc., growth.
  2. Anyone who is facing constant health issues.
  3. Anyone who needs to lower the malefic effects of evil eyes, black magic, etc.

Additional information


1, 11, 21, 48

How will I get the Information of the Pooja?

Once you share the details, it will take 24 to 48 hours for us to finalise the auspicious date and time and the same will be emailed to you.

Where are the Pooja’s Conducted?

All Pooja’s are conducted inside AstroBhava’s Tantric temple located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Palakkad, Kerala

Will I be able to witness the Pooja’s?

Since, all these temples are Tantric temples we cannot LIVE telecast the Ritual

Will I be able to get a photograph or Video recording of the Pooja?

Since, all these temples are Tantric temples, we cannot photograph or video graph any rituals inside the temples and hence, it cannot be shared

What is the duration of the Pooja?

The total duration of the Pooja will be 1+ hours

What if I want to witness the Pooja’s conducted inside your temples on all days?

You are most welcome to visit our Tantric Temples in person, it is open for all devotees, notify our Customer Support team about your arrival and we will be happy to host you everyday

Will I get Prasad shipped to me after the Pooja?

Yes, we ship all Prasad on completion of Pooja for 11 day, 21 day and 48 day pooja.

Will I get Energised Yantra / Talisman with the Pooja?

Yes, if you choose a 48 day Pooja, a Yantra will be energised continuously for 48 days in the Pooja and the energies will be locked inside a Silver Amulet along with the Yantra and will be shipped to you.

Do you charge any money for Shipment?

No, the cost what you see is the final and the Shipment is FREE Worldwide!