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Vedic Horary or Prashanna Kundali is a core Vedic Astrology system which is practiced deriving answers to the questions raised in mind. Vedic Horary Astrology gives solutions in the form of answers to even complex questions. It is a precise branch in Vedic Astrology that deals with answering questions by the stars positioned at the time of question asked.

This is a 60 Minutes Consulting Session

Speak with Our Vedic Astrologer $ 50.00
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  • Free worldwide shipping of Prasad
  • FREE Yantra with Selected Packages
  • Experienced Vedic Priests
  • LIVE telecast of Homa’s
  • All Vedic Rituals are done for an Individual and not in a Group
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Get Solutions to problems like

  • Education
  • Love & Relationship
  • Success Over Enemies
  • Health
  • Progeny
  • Finance
  • Obstruction Removal
  • Marriage
  • Politics
  • Sports
  • Ancestor
  • Remedies

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