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A Homa or a Yagna is a Fire Ritual where we worship a particular deity through fire. Fire is the source of energy and it is an efficient and potent method to give our offerings to the deity and to seek the blessings.

While doing the fire rituals particular mantras in the form of sounds waves at regularly prescribed frequencies have to be recited in order to obtain full results of the fire ritual performed. Usually, the fire is lit in a Yagna Kund or Fire pit built according to the geometric precision as prescribed in the sacred texts. The fire is lit and made to burn using specially prescribed woods and other ritual materials. Food, dress materials along with other ritual materials are also fed into the fire pit along with ghee to appease and pray to the deity. At AstroBhava.com we have trained Vedic Priests who can perform the fire rituals to utmost precise regulations as prescribed in the Vedas.

All Homas/Yagnas and Fire Rituals are performed at the Energy Spot in our Homa Centre located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India and will be live streamed. One can directly view the Pooja live, get Sankalp (It is the process that is formed by the will and mind both physiologically and philosophically as a prayer to one’s own deity where the Homa or Pooja is performed) and pray directly to the Fire Ritual.