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About Us

We are a team of Vedic Scholars who are expert in the Ancient Sacred Rituals prescribed in the Vedas.

With more than 40+ years of experience in Vedic Sciences, we have helped thousands of people on this earth to change their Karma.In order to give varied solutions to problems, has expertise in varied disciplines starting from Nadi Astrology, Vedic Astrology, Remedy Rituals which includes Homas/Fire Rituals, Pooja/ Rituals done to the Deities and Japa/Chanting of Mantras (Sacred Sounds)

Our dedicated customer support team ensures a seamless correspondence before and after the rituals. We understand that all people require solutions to their problems like career, finance, Love, relationships, Marriage, Business, progeny and spirituality. We strive to achieve excellence in transforming people Karma thru prescribed Proven Ancient Vedic Techniques.

A combination of young, energetic and experienced team of experts are waiting to make your Spiritual journey an easy task. The difficulty in performing a Homa or a Pooja at your own place is overcome with AstroBhava because we perform them in our Special designed Remedy Centres and our Vedic Temples for you and the energies are passed on to you through prescribed Vedic Techniques.

AstroBhava’s Vedic techniques are derived only from the Ancient Vedic Sciences and we strictly follow the “Yantra, Mantra and Tantra” Concept prescribed in the Vedas, i.e. all rituals has to be done using these 3 techniques, only then, the desired maximum result can be obtained. We specially recruit young Vedic Priests and they, with our experienced Vedic Priests, perform all the Rituals in a specially controlled environment to deliver the maximum results to our clients.