Financial challenges and financial struggles are a day to day affair of life. Only the fortunate get blessed quickly and many other suffer many obstacles due to Karmic acts. In Astrological terms, financial destiny can be predicted for present and the future and the course of the destiny can be changed by performing rituals which can be a combination of various Homa, Yagnas and Poojas.

Benefits of performing Divine Royalty Finance Rituals:

• Changes the financial Karma of one’s life
• Best performed for anyone who faces long-term financial obstacles.
• Boosts the financial aspect of your natal chart.
• Clears obstacles and opens full financially potential fortunes.

At AstroBhava, we strive to give solutions with long lasting and permanent effects of one’s karma. The Divine Royalty Rituals are formed in a way which will act as a combination of Homa/ Yagna, Pooja, Special Rituals, Dhan (offering) to various Deities related to a particular problem or any of the life solution below. Performing these rituals is a way of understanding the prospective karma of your charts which will lead the change in your destiny.

All these rituals start with live astrology consulting to analyse various position of different planets in your natal chart.

NOTE: All the mentioned Rituals are specially performed individually on your Birth Star day and not as a group Ritual/Homa

Divine Royalty Finance Rituals      


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