Love & Marriage

A lot of problems are faced by people today with respect to love & Relationships. Problems between lovers, Parents & Children, Employee & Employer, Friends, Business Partners, obstacles in Marriage, to eradicate the bitterness caused by these problems and to ease the relationships we at have rituals that can be performed as per the ancient Agama principles prescribed in the Vedas that can transform the Karmas of the people involved and bring out the best in them.

Benefits of performing Divine Royal Love & Marriage Rituals

  • Increases attraction power
  • Overcomes lack of compassion and Increase in romance and love
  • Remove Obstacles in Marriage
  • Solve issues relating to pre and post Marriage issues
  • Overcomes fertility related issues

At AstroBhava, we strive to give solutions with long lasting and permanent effects of one’s karma. The Divine Royalty Rituals are formed in a way which will act as a combination of Homa/ Yagna, Pooja, Special Rituals, Dhan (offering) to various Deities related to a particular problem or any of the life solution below. Performing these rituals is a way of understanding the prospective karma of your charts which will lead the change in your destiny.

All these rituals start with live astrology consulting to analyse the various position of different planets in your natal chart.

NOTE: All the mentioned Rituals are specially performed individually on your Birth Star day and not as a group Ritual/Homa

Divine Royalty Love & Relationship Rituals      


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