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Vedic Horary Astrology is a branch of science which deals with the movements of the planets, the Sun and the Moon. The Predictions are based on the Natal Chart of an individual. During the time of birth, the Natal Chart of an individual is being calculated and the planetary positions are marked. When a person looks at his Natal Chart some years after his birth, predictions are calculated according to the position of the planets in the current time and at the time of birth.

Our Astrologers at have more than 30+ years of experience in the field of Vedic Astrology and can predict the Planetary movements very accurately using the ancient techniques and the modern-day technology to give better solutions to life’s problems.

Get Solutions to problems like Education, Love & Relationship, Success Over Enemies, Health, Progeny, Finance, Obstruction Removal, Marriage, Politics, Sports and Ancestors.

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It is relating to or denoting a branch of astrology in which answers are given to questions using a chart drawn up for the time a question is posed using Sea Shells/ Betel leaf. The accuracy obtained in this form of Astrology is 99.99% depending on the Seekers Questions that are asked

This form is Astrology is usually practised in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Vedic Astrology, Prashana Astrology, Prasanna Aarudam, Aarudam, Solli Prashanam, Thamboola Prashanam, Vethala Jyotsiam

You can directly place the order by clicking on the above link and making payment on our website

Once the Order is placed and payment received, we will call you to notify the appointment slot availability with one of our Vedic Horary Astrologer

Usually the appointments are taken via SKYPE Video Call

All our Astrologer Speaks only Malayalam and Tamil but you will have an English Translator to translate and assist you on the call

This is a 60 Minute Consulting Session

You can opt in for multiple Consulting Sessions like 2 or more

The first 20 Minutes to 30 Minutes will be the Analysis of the Birth Chart followed by the Horary Session where you can ask questions and the answers will be sought from the Planets