Pancha Booth Sthala Pilgrimage Package

5 Nights/ 6 Days (All Inclusive Package)

Pancha Bootha is otherwise called as five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. And these Pancha Booth Sthalas are special energy vortexes dedicated to Lord Shiva where the energy of these five elements are highly concentrated. These temples are located in South India.

These Energy Power-spots hold the divine energies inbuilt themselves for more than a thousand years. A seeker in search of the Divine energies travelling to these temples is definite to find solace in these temples.

Tinkling of bells, Chanting of the Vedic Hymns, the pleasant smell of flowers will definitely mesmerise a traveller and take them near to the Divine.

You will be visiting the following temples

  • Earth- Prithvi Lingam – Ekambareswarar Temple- Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  • Water – Appu Lingam – Jambukeswarar Temple- Tiruvanaikaval, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
  • Fire – Agni Lingam – Arunachaleswarar Temple – Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu
  • Air – Vayu Lingam – Kalahasthi Temple – Sri Kalahasthi – Andhra Pradesh
  • Space – Agaya Lingam – Nataraja Temple – Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu