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I knew Astrobhava through their Youtube channel, where i was watching the Yagya. I have heard Aghora Homa is the most powerful Homa, we go it done with Astrobhava. I was not sure how to place the order, i called them to understand more in detail. I did yantra pooja as well, after 48 days i received the yantra with prasad.


Meera Singh


Excellent services. I ordered a Saraswathi Homa for my child since he is attending his exams. The live telecast was so good and we watched the whole proceedings. Thank you AstroBhava Team.




I was so much worried about my career, I do not know what to do, I had my consultations with Astrologer Ramesh and he suggested for a 48 day Pooja and after that, I received an amulet with the rakhsa, it is changing life.




I had a very good Nadi reading. I’m looking forward to do my Nadi remedies.




A good support team. I was confused about choosing the right rituals, I had live astrology consulting which gave a clear picture about my problems and helped me to pick the right one according to the problem.




Very good service and I have received timely help from Astrobhava.




I have heard about Nadi Astrology years ago, but to experience the Divine feeling is something unexplainable. I had my Nadi reading from Astrobhava, and it was an amazing experience.




Polite customer support team. I had various Nadi chapter readings at different times. They supported in connecting me and the Nadi astrologers whenever necessary.




I had obstacles in all stages of my life, in whatever things I do. Things were totally in dark for me. A friend of mine introduced AstroBhava to me. I had an astrology consulting in which I was warned about my enemies who cast black magic on me. I followed the astrologer’s advice and performed the Prathyangira Homa, after which I received the silver amulet which they advised to tie around my waist.




Nadi Astrology, a divine astrology as they say. Totally surprising as how a stranger can reveal the entire name of my family. I still could not beleive that my life and destiny was pre-seen by Rishis years ago. Totally blissful.




I had financial issues all in my life, neither I had a good job or a good salary and the condition was almost same for almost 10 years. The astrologers predicted that the Jupiter of my Natal Chart was not in a good position. They recommended Jupiter Homa and Sri Suktha pooja for 48 days. I am feeling new energy already into me. Thank you team AstroBhava.




My kid was suffering from severe wheezing problem since childbirth. I had gone to various hospitals, even though it was incurable. Astrobhava recommended me to perform health rituals for 6 months. I have tied the silver amulet around the waist and my prayers for my Son to have a long life.




I had a Sudarshana Homa telecasted live. The astrologers advised me to perform this Homa since I had many issues in life. They also gave me a live horary consulting during the Homa. I was asked to ask various questions in the horary and they performed rituals according to the results in the Horary. It was an overwhelming event.




I did my Nadi readings with Astrobhava. They perfectly predicted my name and name of my wife and parents, the birth chart also was perfect. I had readings about my progeny and career chapters.




A friend recommended me take up Nadi Astrology since I faced issues in my career. I did my reading at AstroBhava, where they said the issues faced is because of my previous birth karma. There were remedies mentioned in the palm leaves where I was asked to go to temples and India and do rituals as mentioned. Astrobhava team was very helpful in taking me to all the temples and finish the rituals. Thank You Astrobhava.




Astrobhava gives various solutions to our problems. The astrologers gave a detailed report on my natal chart and gave solutions accordingly.




I wanted to wear Rudraksha for a long time. I approached Astrobhava and they gave a detailed report on which Rudraksha I have to wear. They also gave me the reason as to why I should wear the particular Rudraksha and its benefits.




I experienced the real form of Divinity through Nadi Astrology. I was truly an amazing experience.




Nadi Astrology predictions were perfect. I did my basic reading before a year ago and what was astonishing is Nadi really changes the course of life. I did my career chapter reading and was mentioned that if I enter the field of education I would gain more profit. I explored my skills and entered the field of education which is surely changing life in an unexpected way.