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PILGRIMAGE FOR SOLVE YOUR LEGAL ISSUES 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Due to jealousy and owing to desire, today many people suffer with unjust legal issues and litigations. To win over these unjust Legal issues one should first focus on eradicating their Karma and then comes protection. Our Astrologers have designed the below remedies […]

Pancha Booth Sthala Package

PANCHA BOOTH STHALA PILGRIMAGE PACKAGE 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Pancha Bootha is otherwise called as five elements namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. And these Pancha Booth Sthalas are special energy vortexes dedicated to Lord Shiva where the energy of these five elements are highly concentrated. These temples are located in South […]

Navagraha Temple or 9 Planets Temple

NAVAGRAHA TEMPLE PILGRIMAGE OR 9 PLANETS TEMPLE PILGRIMAGE 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Navagrahas or the 9 Planets play a significant role in every individual’s life born on this planet earth. Navagrahas are our Karma, they deliver results as per our Good and Bad Karmas that we have accumulated both in this birth and […]

Arupadai Veddu or 6 Abodes of Lord Muruga

ARUPADAI VEDDU OR 6 ABODES OF LORD MURUGA 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) The 6 Abodes or the 6 Houses of Lord Muruga re all Situated in TamilNadu, South India. It is firmly believed that one who visits these 6 Abodes together, they can cleanse their Karma.  These Spiritual Pilgrimages with AstroBhava are designed […]


PILGRIMAGE TO RESOLVE PROGENY ISSUES 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Due to lifestyle, food habits and past Karmas many people suffer from progeny. As per Astrology, it is a firm belief that one’s own past Karma plays a major role in progeny and our experts at have decoded the ancient Vedic rituals to […]

Success over Enemies

PILGRIMAGE FOR SUCCESS OVER ENEMIES 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Enemies are formed due to the outcome of our Karma. To win over enemies and protect ourselves from the harmful eyes and mis-happening caused by our enemies it is mandatory to protect ourselves. This protection can be achieved only thru’ eradicating our Karma that […]

Obstruction Removal

PILGRIMAGE TO REMOVE OBSTRUCTIONS IN LIFE 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Due to past Karma of a person, obstructions come in the form of finance, job, career, business, marriage, love, relationships, health occur in various ways. Luckily, we are blessed with solutions by the Divine to eradicate the obstructions caused to us. At […]


PILGRIMAGE TO RESOLVE HEALTH ISSUES 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Today’s lifestyle and food habits have changed the life span of individuals and we are prone to many new diseases. At we have hand-picked Energy Power Spots that could not only save you from day to day diseases but also help in increasing […]


PILGRIMAGE FOR BUSINESS PROSPERITY 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Business is always a dream for many, but even to start it, people find obstructions in their path.  Our Astrologers have designed the below remedies specifically to target Entrepreneurs both new and existing having in mind the difficulties faced by them, these Rituals in the […]

Job/ Career

PILGRIMAGE TO ENHANCE YOUR JOB/ CAREER 4Nights/ 5 Days (All Inclusive Package) Today People suffer even to secure a good and satisfied Job, for some, sticking on with the Job secured will be of a great challenge. Keeping in mind the problems one could face in a Job, our panel of Astrologer’s have come with […]