scorpio Daily Prediction for 18-9-2020


Today, you are going to be full of energy. It's a great day for an intense work out. Try working out in a group setting if you have never done that before.


Slowly but surely, you have been healing from past trauma. Something that might change your life is heading your way. Don't worry about what it potentially could be, Scorpio.

Personal Life

Single signs need to be careful because they might get manipulated with today. Taken signs have been extra passionate and kind towards their partner. You don't need to buy them expensive gifts, they know you love them.


A Gemini co-worker is going to test your patience today. Show them that you are professional and that no one can mess with you or your workflow.


Jupiter, the planet of good fortune is on your side, but not even the planets can tell what will happen when you make an impulsive decision. 7 is your lucky number today.


Even though you love traveling, today might not be the best day for that. However, you might find cheap tickets for your next trip today.