Aghora Pasupatha Homa

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Aghora Pasupatha Homa is performed to Agora, one of the five faces of Lord Shiva. Aghora Pasupatha Homa is most powerful Homa to remove drishthi, doshas, evil eyes and evil spirits. It removes all negative powers, gives all round protection, energy and immense strength.

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Benefits of Aghora Pasupatha Homa 

  • Removes all negative energies.
  • Gives energy and immense strength
  • Gives all round protection.
  • Victory in legal proceedings

Facts about Lord Shiva

  • Consort: Parvati
  • Children: Ganesha, Karthikeya
  • Flower: Vivla
  • Food: Baang, milk with saffron,
  • Weapons: Trishul
  • Festival: Maha Shivaratri
  • Vehicle: Nandi

43 reviews for Aghora Pasupatha Homa

  1. Vimal Sharma

    Such a Divine experience with, their broadcast was apt on time.

  2. Pritika Choudary

    Thank you for performing the Havan.

  3. Frances Duncan

    Our family could feel the Divine experience after performing this Yagya

  4. Kabir Rajput

    I mentioned that i cannot witness the Homa live, they recorded and i watched it later.

  5. Vashisit

    I have performed many Havan with Astrobhava.

    I always love Shiva! Harhar Mahadev

  6. Therressa Pratt

    I was advised by the Astrologer to perform the Aghora Homa for 3 Months.
    I did this with astrobhava

  7. Jeremy Goins

    Had this recommended by an astrologer from astrobhava, they live telecasted the complete Yagya. It was wonderful to watch the priest chanting the vedic hymns.
    Thank you

  8. Hardev Singh

    This is my first Yagya with astrobhava, looking forward to be associated with them

  9. Romana Mangra

    They are wonderful team with rich knowledge in vedic methods

  10. Appu sarkar

    this team makes it easy for people who wanted to perform the Homa.

  11. Joydeep Roy

    Succesfully completed the ritual. Thank you

  12. Sheri

    I loved the Abishegam part of the Homa.

  13. Anisha

    Thank you for the live telecast of the entire ritual. We did not expect to witness the entire Aghora Homa

  14. Eva

    I had many obstacles in life from childhood. From a school admission, to even get a dress which i like, nothing happens in my way. I wanted to go abroad for my higher studies for my pg, but i was even reluctant to try, my parents sought Astrology and Aghora Homa was recommended to be performed. Miracle happened in my life, i got admission for a university in London, but i thought it wouldnt end there, travelling, visa and so many things were in my way. The entire process was smooth and i landed in London. Dream come true for me and my entire family and me are thankful to astrobhava for performing this Havan. We did with 5 Priest and took yantra. Im still wearing yantra, i feel its my luck charm

  15. Arvind

    Thank you mahadev for showing astrobhava to me.
    I had chosen 1 Priest Homa with mandala pooja.

  16. Asha Mahesh

    Perfectly worked out remedy to clear obstacles. I did the 5 Priest Homa after seeing a video in Youtube.

  17. Vinod Joshi

    AstroBhava was referred by a friend of mine. Initially i was not willing for a virtual Homa and it is very divine. In the same time i was unable to perform at my home as well. I tried to take an Astrology consulting with them. They were very good. Astrology was 100% accurate.

    He recommended 3 remedies, Aghora Homa with 28000 Japa, Mahalakshmi Homa and Sarabeshwara Homa. I performed all these with astrobhava. They telecasted all the 3 remedies completely, almost 3 hours of all 3 rituals. Thank you so much astrobhava

  18. Randhir

    Im a regular person who perform Havan, Sitting in US i find it difficult to perform according to my Astrologers advice. I have tried performing with many others, but i have not witnessed the entire ritual live. Much appreciate their efforts, witnessing the entire havan gives much pleasure.

  19. Olmis

    Got the talisman exactly when it was required.

  20. Leanne

    The telecast of the yagya was perfect. Looking for positivity in life

  21. Kishore Sethi

    Had repeated bad dreams, wanted yantra, but after some research i found that astrobhava energise yantra in the Havan which i felt more powerful and more meaningful

  22. Meera Singh

    I knew Astrobhava through their Youtube channel, where i was watching the Yagya. I have heard Aghora Homa is the most powerful Homa, we go it done with Astrobhava. I was not sure how to place the order, i called them to understand more in detail. I did yantra pooja as well, after 48 days i received the yantra with prasad.

  23. Priya Vaddoriya

    Feel protected affter wearing the talisman.

  24. Bridget Mcdonnel

    Har Har Maha Deva!!

    My love towards Shiva grows everyday. I love Shiva, i love Aghora.

    Thank you AstroBhava for performing this whenever i ask you to do so. You are very kind.

    Hara Hara Maha Deva!

  25. Shree hari

    Perfromed this Aghora yagya for my son.

  26. Veena Panchal

    Thank you AstroBhava for doing my Havan

  27. Nannet Olivera

    Much appreciate the efforts taken by astrobhava

  28. Perry kate

    wearing the tailsman, seeing results. I feel like some part of myself is enhanced.

  29. Colleen June Hutchinson

    I had legal issues regarding a property dispute with my father as was not willing to give my rights.
    I performed this Havan with 5 Priest, i also took the 48 day pooja. What surprised me is within 15 days of the Homa i witnessed the change, where my case was in my favour and my father had no objection. What changed his mind? i still dont understand. Miracles do happen in life. Afte 48 days the yantra was shipped to US and im wearing it in my bracelet

  30. Angel Murrilo

    I received the yantra to the US after 3 weeks of the Homa as promised.
    They share each and every small details with you.

  31. Sabrin Sarker

    What impressed me is that they do not do group Homa like elsewhere. For the same cost i have seen other performing group Homa.

    Performing it just for you is the most important thing and they are very clear in it. You can watch the live relay and they take sankalpa with name.

  32. Poonam

    I placed order in the website directly, they send me a confirmation email with the Auspicious date and time according to my birth details.

    In the same time they live telecasted, not a single minute delay

  33. Dianne Johnson

    I wondered why they give yantra with all their Yagya. Their explained the the importance of the yantra and why it has to be worn when once is facing issues.
    Yantra gives real power. Thank you team. Wonderful being associated with you.

  34. Prabha Setiya

    One of the Astrologer recommended my husband to perform Aghora Homa. The customer support team is very friendly and explained all in detail.

  35. Nilesh

    Performed this Havan when i was a lot of issues related to enemies, the land was occupied illegally and backup by local rowdies.

  36. Brenda

    Could not watch the live telecast, they had recorded and shared later.

  37. Isha

    Thank you for performing the Homa, watched the complete ritual.

  38. Ashok more

    As suggested by my Astrologer, astrobhava performed this Yagya on the Amavasya Day

  39. Kundur reddy

    Good team of Brahmins, very effective, very puntual

  40. Isom

    Not sure of what attracted me to perform this Yagya, i straightaway ordered for a 5 Priest Yagya. I did not know that this will be live telecasted, to my surprise they did, wasy very happy to witness it. Feel some magic on what drew me to this place. I will always be your patronage astrobhava, you are something special to me.

  41. Puja

    Thank you team for the help!

  42. Diane Bramble

    You do not have the feel that you perform the yagya virtually. Such clarity in their telecast. Very satisfied.

  43. Ninadine

    Got to know about astrobhava through facebook, i was following them for past 2 months. I found them very sincere in what they do.
    i ordered for 3 priest Aghora Homa. received the yantra.

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All Homa/ Yagna will be broadcasted LIVE and the broadcasting link shall be sent prior to the commencement of the Homa.

1.     Invocation of Lord Ganapathi 2.     Pooja to Lord Ganapathi
3.     Offering Neivedhiyam to lord Ganapathi 4.     Kalasa Avahana (Initiation
5.     Abisheka (Hydration Ceremony) to respective Deities (if applicable) 6.     Peeda Sthabana of respective Deities
7.     Offering Neivedhiyam to respective Deities 8.    Sahasranamavali Pooja and Pushpanjali to the respective Deities
9.     Sankalpa with Name, Nakshatra and Rasi along with your Prayers 10.  Prana Suddhi (Cleansing of the Breath)
11.  Nadi Suddhi (Cleansing of the Kundali Chakras) 12.  Deha Suddhi (Cleansing of the Physical Body)
13.  Invocaction of Lord Ganapathi for the Homa 14.  Offering Neivedhiyam to Lord Ganesha
15.  Pooja to Lord Ganapathi for the Homa 16.  Invocation of Guru (Spiritual master) to bless one performing the Homa and success of the Homa
17.  Pooja to Guru (Spiritual master) to bless one performing the Homa and success of the Homa 18.  Offering Neivedhiyam to Guru
19.  Invocation of the Navagrahas 20.  Pooja to the Navagrahas
21.  Pooja to the Navagrahas 22.  Invocation of the respective Deities in the Homa
23.  Invocation of Ashta Dik Balagars (Lords of the 8 Directions) 24.  Pooja to Ashta Dik Balagars, Offering Neivedhiyam to Ashta Dik Balagars, Homa Kund Suddhi Pooja
25.  Invocation of Lord Agni (Lord of the Fire) 26.  Prayers to Lord Agni for thanking him to use him as a source to take all our prayers and offerings to the Divine Almighty and the respective Deities in the Homa
27.  Offering Neivedhiyam to Homa Hund and Lord Agni 28.  Ganapathi Homa (To Lord Ganesha)
29.  Main Homa with all Moola, Beeja and Gayathri Mantra’s of the respective Deities with all Samigiries (Offerings 30.  At the End of the Homa, Poornahudhi (Final offerings to the Deity), which contains Neivedhiyam, Silk Cloth and Ghee, Thanking Lord Agni for allowing us to use him as a source to take all our prayers and offerings to the Divine Almighty and the respective Deities in the Homa
31.  Thanking Ashta Dik Balagars (Lords of the 8 Directions) 32.  Thanking the respective Deities
33.  Thanking Lord Ganesha 34.  Thanking Guru (Spiritual Master)
35.  Maha Deeparadhanai (Maha Arti) 36.  Prana Suddhi (Cleansing of the Breath)
37.  Nadi Suddhi (Cleansing of the Kundali Chakras) 38.  Deha Suddhi (Cleansing of the Physical Body)

Get a Free Energised Yantra / Talisman with the Homa

All Homas shall be performed by our expert Vedic Scholars in our Homa Centre at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India as per the rituals prescribed in the Vedas.

A special copper plate etched Energised Yantra / Talisman (for FREE) with the special Mantra of the deity worshipped which will be energised in the Homa and the energies will be locked inside a silver amulet along with the Copper Plate. This silver amulet acts as a Sacred Sound Instilled Talisman which will give you a lifelong enhanced benefit thereby protecting you from all negative influences when worn around the neck or waist.

This Energized Copper Plate inside the Silver Amulet will be sent along with the Turmeric powder and Kum-Kum (Red Vermillion Powder) from the Homa/Yagna blessed in the ritual. You can keep it in your meditation altar and apply it on the forehead regularly or as and when required to invoke the divine blessings of the deity.

Since it is shipped from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, for International deliveries kindly allow 1 to 2 weeks and for Domestic Deliveries kindly allow 2 to 4 weeks for International Deliveries.

What is a Yantra

A Yantra is an astronomical diagram mainly used to control, curb, bind and influence the energies on an individual. One has to offer prayers to energised yantras, by doing so they emit positive vibrations and slowly all negative vibrations of the place will get eliminated. Yantras are made of copper with respective geometric patterns.

Energising the Yantra

The Yantra writing requires 3 days of preparation as follows:

  • On the first day, geometric figures are drawn on the yantra, it will be dipped overnight in Panchakavya, this process is called Jala Pradishta(Energising with water).
  • The second day, Prana Pradishta(Energizing though breath) is done, the Priest who writes the yantra gives his breath to the Yantra through Pranayama practices.
  • The third day, Jeeva Pradishta(Energizing with soul) is done, the Priest who writes the yantra gives life to the Yantra through chanting the Moola mantra, Beeja Mantra and Gayathri mantra of the respective deity for 108 times along with flowers, fruits, neivedhyam (prasad).

Are these homa performed for Individuals? 

Yes, all Homa’s are performed only for Individuals and these will not be performed as part of a Group.

How will I get to witness the LIVE telecast?

Once the Astrologer confirms the date, an email will be shared with the LIVE broadcast link and the time. At the scheduled time, click the link to witness the Homa.

What is the duration of the Homa?

The total duration of the Homa will be 1+ hours

Where will the Homa be conducted?

The Homa will be conducted at Remedy Centre from which the Homa will be LIVE telecasted.

Can the Homa be performed in our place instead?

Yes, of course it can be performed, to know more details place your enquiry with our Customer Support team.

Is Energised Yantra / Talisman free of Cost for all Homa’s?

Yes, Energised Yantra / Talisman is FREE for all Homa’s.

How to Place the order?

Choose from the above option, add to cart and proceed to checkout, choose your payment gateway and proceed to place the order.

How will I know if the order is placed?

You will receive a confirmation email once your order is placed.

How can I know if the ritual is performed?

Once you place the order, you will receive an email from us asking for your birth details, upon your reply, we will consult with the Astrologer to seek the auspicious date and time to perform the ritual and the Homa will be LIVE telecasted.

Where will the 48 day Yantra Pooja be carried out?

This 48 day Yantra Pooja will be carried out inside our Vedic Temple which is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Palakkad, Kerala.

Will the 48 days Yantra Pooja be LIVE telecasted?

Since the Rituals are carried out inside the temple to the respective deities and our temples are Tantric temples, hence we cannot LIVE telecast any Pooja and hence the 48 days Yantra Pooja will not be LIVE telecasted, but be assured after the 48 days of Pooja, the Yantra will be shipped to you along with the Prasad.

Why am I not been able to watch the rest of the Pooja for the said number of days?

Since, these Japa’s are done inside our Tantric Temples, LIVE telecast, photography or Videography is not permitted, hence the reason.

What if I want to witness the Pooja’s conducted inside your temples on all days?

You are most welcome to visit our Tantric Temples, it is open for all pilgrims, notify our Customer Support team on your arrival and we will be happy to host you everyday.

Do you charge any money for Shipment?

No, the cost what you see is the final and the Shipment is FREE Worldwide!