Sri Chakra Yantra

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*Open the Doors to Unlock Universal Wisdom*

Sri Chakra Yantra is an Ancient Tool to unlock the Universal Blessings. It is the Source of Pure Universal Energy. It is a Highly Sensitive tool which has ultimate Magnetic Powers. All the Universal Energies are in Sri Chakra. It is the Complete Geometry of the Universe.

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Sri Chakra Yantra is a complicated geometry which represents the Universe, well, the Universe itself is Complicated. It is written in the Ancient Sacred Texts that once these 43 Triangles inside the Sri Chakra is Activated and Energised and Manifested Correctly, it will unlock infinite potential of the Universe;

  • Free from all Karmic Bonds
  • Bringing in abundant Spiritual Wealth
  • Unlock all Materialistic Wealth
  • The Ultimate Solution to all the Negativity in Life
  • Remove all Obstructions in the path 
  • Become a Magnet of Positive Vibes

This Sri Chakra Yantra will be Activated and Energised as per the Ancient Vedic Science in your Name, Birth Star and Moon Sign based on your birth details (Please mention your Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth in the “Additional Information Order Notes” section during checkout, if you do not know these, leave it blank and we will Energise in your Name alone).

At AstroBhava, you can opt in to buy

  1. A Framable Yantra of Size (3 Inches X 3 Inches) made of Copper (Only Copper has to be used as per the Ancient Yantric Science)
  2. A wearable Yantra which will be locked inside a Silver Amulet like a Talisman.
  3. If you need both, then just add 2 in quantity and checkout.

If options are not mentioned, you will be receiving a Framable yantra.

*Cost includes Yantra+Vedic Energising+Worldwide Shipping. 

15 reviews for Sri Chakra Yantra

  1. Amelia

    Quality of the yantra is really good.

  2. Benen

    Received during the most needed time of my life

  3. Shambhavi

    Neat and Beautiful yantra.

  4. Layla

    I was searching for Sri Chakra which is energised, lucky that i found you!

  5. Aadarsh

    Neat packing, amazing quality.

  6. Nora L

    Looking for a magic to happen in my life.

  7. Maeve

    Could feel the energies in the yantra. Thank you for the prasad.

  8. Reshma

    Im happy that i received an activated yantra. Highly satisfied.

  9. Raju Akolkar

    Yantra looks so beautiful, have placed in my workdesk.

  10. Vaseem

    This is my first purchase from you, satisfied.

  11. Nora L

    Very neatly packed, waiting for the magic to happen.

  12. Ravi I

    Framed and kept in my pooja room. Following all procedures mentioned.

  13. Amitola

    Worshipping every day since i received.

  14. K V

    We don’t get energised yantras easily, but happy to have found you.

  15. Aimee

    Positive vibrations.

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What is a Yantra

A Yantra is an astronomical diagram mainly used to control, curb, bind and influence the energies on an individual. One has to offer prayers to energised yantras, by doing so they emit positive vibrations and slowly all negative vibrations of the place will get eliminated. Yantras are made of copper with respective geometric patterns.

Energising the Yantra

The Yantra writing requires 3 days of preparation as follows:

  • On the first day, geometric figures are drawn on the yantra, it will be dipped overnight in Panchakavya, this process is called Jala Pradishta(Energising with water).
  • The second day, Prana Pradishta(Energizing though breath) is done, the Priest who writes the yantra gives his breath to the Yantra through Pranayama practices.
  • The third day, Jeeva Pradishta(Energizing with soul) is done, the Priest who writes the yantra gives life to the Yantra through chanting the Moola mantra, Beeja Mantra and Gayathri mantra of the respective deity for 108 times along with flowers, fruits, neivedhyam (prasad).

How to worship the Yantra?

Kindly Choose any one of the below 2 options when you place the order.

For Yantras to be Worn in the body

No Formalities or any Rituals required, the Yantra worn in the body will become a part of your body. AstroBhava recommends Yantra’s to be Worn touching the skin of the body to obtain maximum benefit

For Yantras to be Framed

  • Yantras are best placed at pooja altar, workplace, office according to their purpose.
  • Any yantra should be placed facing East or North direction.
  • Place 5 dots with sandal paste, one on four corners of the yantra and one in the middle.
  • Do not allow anyone except your family members to touch the yantra.
  • If possible offer any prasad to the Yantra or you can place a bowl of water in front of the yantra. Change the prasad or water on a daily basis.
  • If you are aware of the mantra of the Yantra chant 108 times, else concentrate on the centre of the yantra and meditate.
  • Show Dhoop and Deep to the yantra on a daily basis to sustain the energy and vibrations of the yantra
  • Do not worry if the colour of the yantra fades over a period of time.

What will you get?

Kindly Choose any one of the below 2 options when you place the order, AstroBhava recommends Yantra’s to be Worn touching the skin of the body to obtain maximum benefit

For Yantras to be Worn in the body

A special copper plate etched Energised Yantra / Talisman (for FREE) with the special Mantra of the deity worshipped which will be energised in the Homa and the energies will be locked inside a silver amulet along with the Copper Plate. This silver amulet acts as a Sacred Sound Instilled Talisman which will give you a lifelong enhanced benefit thereby protecting you from all negative influences when worn around the neck or waist.

This Energized Copper Plate inside the Silver Amulet will be sent along with the Turmeric Powder and Kum-Kum (Red Vermillion Powder) from the Homa/Yagna blessed in the ritual. You can keep it in your meditation altar and apply it on the forehead regularly or as and when required to invoke the divine blessings of the deity.

For Yantras to be Framed

The Yantra will be sent without any framing. We have multiple reports of frame damage during transit times, hence as a company policy we will ship only the non-framed yantra and it is your responsibility to frame it and use it. The Energised Yantra will be sent along with the Kum-Kum (Red Vermillion Powder) and Turmeric Powder from the Pooja blessed in the ritual. You can keep it in the meditation altar and duly apply it on the forehead as and when required to invoke the divine blessings of the deity.


  • Free Shipping of Yantras to Worldwide destinations
  • There may be variations in colour of the yantra.
  • There may be variations in the language used in writing the yantra, it varies from Priests to Priests.